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The Beauty of Aging…


Looking in the mirror I wonder is there still beauty? I see a woman forehead furrowed with worry, deepening laugh lines frame the eyes that once shone bright with promise but now portray a deep knowledge of sorrow, wisdom, joy, love and struggle. Youthful freckles still sprinkled appear with the shining of the sun. Each gray hair has a purpose and shows the wear and tear of years gone by. The fullness of breasts long gone to the of nourishment of a child and gravity. Curves and creases all exaggerated from habits and hang ups. Scars of trauma, joy and life splayed across the canvas of a once perfect body. Angel kisses across the shoulders and back telling the story of far to many days in the sun. The canvas of time plays across my body and I see God’s paint brush still in motion, with all the negative voices in the world telling me I am unlovable and ugly I am trying to hone in and listen to the still small voice that says your beauty is timeless and tells the story of your life. Appreciate its uniqueness and allow aging to wear well on you heart and soul. When time was kinder I was not, when beauty was plain to see in my face it was not in my heart. Praise God for the beauty of aging and for the lines and scars because they served to bring enlightenment and wisdom to create in me a more beautiful soul that shines through my laugh lines and dulling eyes.  Let the beauty of Christ shine through you and no matter what and you will truly be beautiful.



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