Hello! 🙂 My name is Jenness and I am a single woman in her thirties, and mom to a 5-year-old daughter who is beautiful inside and out. I started a second blog because I love to write I am terrible at it but I love it. I have it in my brain that I want to write a book…that is the dream…but for now I am living everyday life and have decided that I want to try to write every single day the simple and the complex things that happen or go through my brain. I hope if you come across my blog it touches your heart, your funny bone or at the least you can relate to my life as a struggling single mom trying to live life full of love and possibility.  ❤


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  1. Hey Jeness, your writing is lovely, and thoughtful, and I can see, that like all of us, you have self doubts sometimes. Really, don’t! You come across as being a really kind and caring person, and thats amazing. Keep up the blogging, and the being nice!
    Jane x

    • Jane, Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments!! I try to be nice and I am working hard at being a good writer and to be encouraged by good writers makes my heart smile. Thanks again,

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