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Your Children Aren’t Safe


glitter and church

Last week I sat in a hard chair with a red velvet cookie and my pen in hand at a conference about domestic sex trafficking (shout out to Dawn Maglish from INsideOUT Salon for putting it on). The room was full of people from the community asking the question: “Does this REALLY happen in the U.S.?”

I sat there and reapplied my MAC Viva Glam 1 red lipstick, waiting for the detectives to start sharing with the group. Every girl needs a signature look, and I’ve adopted thick black winged liner and red lips just like half the country. What more could I hear that I hadn’t already read? What new information would they bring?

They started talking and I think my jaw literally dropped open and hung there for the next hour. The things they shared… The things that happen in our communities… Our safe communities. Our beautiful and…

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