Massage my lost love…


I think I have made a decision…on a personal/career note I think that I have decided to “come out of retirement” and start doing massage again after my 6 years hiatus. I did a brief massage on a friend the other day and it reignited my love of helping others through body work. I have always had a passion for it but I lost my love when I was pregnant with Peanut. I  became a factory worker churning out bodies like I was on an assembly line. No matter my thoughts or feelings I had to do what was required it was more like selling a product that pursuing a passion and struggled to fit the mold. Massage is spiritual it is a beautiful harmony of prayer, flow and ease of strokes while gliding the tension from someone’s life with every flick of my wrist…working out the emotional wounds deep seeded in the muscles of a war-torn body. I wanted God’s healing and comfort to flow from my fingers and to truly touch a person’s heart by lovingly working through the knots that life, love, heartbreak, parenting and a world gone bad created.  My longing to use the tools that God gave me is growing and though it may not be purely through body work I feel like I need to get back in the game of a life lived on purpose. Every massage I learned, I gained strength and encouragement that I was on the right path. My insecurities have been holding me back, the little white lies we tell ourselves that we just aren’t good enough to make the cut. But all I need is good intentions, a little studying and a lot of practice to get my hands and body back into shape where I can comfortably practice the art that God gifted me with. So with that being said I need a game plan. ❤ Time to put on my thinking cap and get on my knees and talk to the one who led me on this path many years ago.




About jennessjohnston78

Hello World my name is Jenness I have been blogging for a couple of years I have used my Embracing blog to help me carry my burdens and to discuss issues that are sometimes very heavy...I am a passionate and very opinionated person I appreciate the outlet that blogging affords me...I am a single mom and have many struggles that I battle in my life but I feel a call on my life to share my blessings and struggles. I pray that the words that I write make there way to people who can be touched by them and that someway, somehow God can use them to have a positive impact. I love writing and though I am not great at it I started the Journal Of The Everyday in an effort to hone my skills and learn new things about myself through writing...I have a pie in the sky idea of someday writing a book...A lofty goal I thank you everyone who joins me on my journey by reading my blogs...I welcome comments and feedback. Here is to embracing the possibilities of everyday life. :)

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  1. Awesome! I wish you God’s best with your job path. I so have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and I hope you have a blessed day! I will be praying for you! God bless ur socks and shoes off!!

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