A New Opportunity


A new opportunity has come my way!!! I had an interview yesterday at 10:30am and it went great we had a good conversation and I was asked lots of interesting questioned that challenged me and made me think about the reasons I chose to be in child care. I felt like I was talking with a friend about my passions and I was very happy to hear that I was in the running when I left. And that I had made my interviewers day. πŸ™‚ I left feeling good about it. I headed to my Grandma’s house after my interview to pick up Peanut and had a chance to talk with my sister and Nana and watched Peanut play with her cousin. They were so cute playing chutes and ladders and snuggling while watching cartoons. Sadly I did not have my cell phone (which normally is my constant companion) to take a picture. But, the cuteness is stored away in my memory bank. ❀ I had a lovely chat and headed to my parents house for a quick hi with my dad and then it was off to run a few more errands see Mike (my biological father) had a nice little chat with him and then it was home.

Shortly after arriving home I was chatting about my friend Abby about my great interview and I a got call. It was Lisa my new boss!! I HAVE A JOB!! I have been out of work for 5 months. One of the best parts is that I am going to be working with babies. I LOVE babies!! I also will once again be working in a Christian day care. I am going to be working for Ten Mile Community Church. (http://tenmilechurch.org/) I am so very blessed for God’s provision. This will be the third time in my life that I have worked for a non-profit Christian organization and I can tell you I have never been happier in any position then when I was working with fellow believers.

I think that God has a purpose and has orchestrated these opportunities. I have been so blessed with the people I have encountered with the relationships that have been built in these situations. They have literally left a lasting impression on my life and heart…when I worked for the Salvation Army I met Amber and Terri two of the most wonderful women and friends. I worked and lived on campus as a residential advisor in the homeless shelter, some of the women I met there showed me how to soften my heart and judgment towards a situation that I held bad attitudes towards.

My next position was with Shepherd’s Fold I was there for 2 1/2 years it was the first place I ever took Peanut for day care. πŸ™‚ I started working there almost 3 years ago and in August we closed our doors. During my employment I fell deeply in love with all of the kids in our care…and with the people I worked side by side with for all that time. Everyday walking through the doors I felt like I was coming home. Looking back and reflecting I had a dream job with people I knew loved me and my daughter. Thank you Linda Lou for always listening and supporting me, giving me good sound advice and for encouraging me in my faith. Thanks Lori for keeping me on my toes and laughing. Thank you Abby, Shari, Karen, Cherith, Christl, Shanna, Mahari, Bernadette, Shelly, Camille, and anyone I forgot for the laughter tears and hours of talking and listening. You all left an indelible mark on Lily and I’s life and you are greatly appreciated. I still miss working with all of you.

As I begin with this new opportunity I want to not forget all my lessons learned and to remember that God is in control and that his had has guided me to some amazing places and people. I pray that I will gain wisdom, knowledge and new relationships that are everlasting like the ones that are still impacting my life. Thank you Lord for continuing to bless me and guide my life in the direction you want despite my stubbornness and resistance to change. Help me be the best I can be and show me the lessons you want me to learn. Thanks for my supportive and loving family and friends. All the comments and well wishes on Facebook have warmed my heart. Tomorrow I am up early and headed to continue embracing God’s possibilities for me.





About jennessjohnston78

Hello World my name is Jenness I have been blogging for a couple of years I have used my Embracing blog to help me carry my burdens and to discuss issues that are sometimes very heavy...I am a passionate and very opinionated person I appreciate the outlet that blogging affords me...I am a single mom and have many struggles that I battle in my life but I feel a call on my life to share my blessings and struggles. I pray that the words that I write make there way to people who can be touched by them and that someway, somehow God can use them to have a positive impact. I love writing and though I am not great at it I started the Journal Of The Everyday in an effort to hone my skills and learn new things about myself through writing...I have a pie in the sky idea of someday writing a book...A lofty goal I know...so thank you everyone who joins me on my journey by reading my blogs...I welcome comments and feedback. Here is to embracing the possibilities of everyday life. :)

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