Day 14 Candid And Real


As I write this blog I am attempting to write like I am talking to a good friend. I want what I say to be real and for me to be as candid as possible. Here is a question that I have running through my head all the time…why do people believe in fairy tales and falsehoods? (I know I know I sound bitter.) Life is raw and painful and the reality of it will hit you in the face if you keep believing in the fairy tale. No matter how strong your dreams are they can’t pay the rent no matter how much you say something it doesn’t make it real. Here is some perspective…The Wrong Man has a roof over his head, food in his belly, a good job and yet he is seriously unhappy. He dwells on all that is bad and perceived wrong he suffered and is trying his damnedest to drink away the stress…he just came out of an admittedly “not right for him” situation and he is lamenting it…seriously?!?! Gain some perspective for Gods sake…you are talking to a single mother who makes a grand total of just over $300 a month. The Wrong Man is not the only person whose life touches mine that is stuck in this trap. Many, many times I have found myself having a conversation where I left thinking open your eyes you know the answer yet you refuse to act on it or see it. I try everyday to count my blessings, though I am not perfect by any means, I know that no matter what I will be ok. It may be that I have been through the fire and back, or it may be that I know I have Jesus on my side, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Trust me the bitterness (from above) comes from some very very very long tunnels I have been down. From panic attacks, my heart being shattered in millions of pieces, and losing people so dear to me that the pain in my heart is still sharp and sometimes brings tears to my eyes. The fairy tale of living life for yourself with no regard for others and coming out unscathed is one of the biggest lies ever and leaves carnage in your wake. I pray to God that those in my life who put their stock in the fanciest cars, sex, alcohol and money or their broken abusive relationships trying to madly fill their lives…please WAKE UP!! I really hope that something happens for them to be able to see clearly the only legacy you will leave here on earth is your legacy of love and through healthy relationships. These things are eternal, lasting and enhance your life in ways we cannot even fathom. There is a song by Ray Boltz that says it clearly and perfectly for me…this is what our legacy should look like…

Thank You

I dreamed I went to heaven
And you were there with me
We  walked upon the streets of gold
Beside the crystal sea
We heard these  angels singing
Then someone called your name
You turned and saw this young  man
And he was smiling as he came
And he said friend you may not know me  now
And then he said, but wait
You used to teach my Sunday School
When  I was only eight
And every week you would say a prayer
Before the class  would start
And one day when you said that prayer
I asked Jesus in my  heart

Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was  changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave

Then  another man stood before you
And said remember the time
A missionary came  to your church
And his pictures made you cry
You didn’t have much  money
But you gave it anyway
Jesus took the gift you gave
And that’s  why I’m here today

CHORUS (repeat)

One by one they came
Far as  your eyes could see
Each life somehow touched
By your generosity
Little  things that you had done
Sacrifices you made
They were unnoticed on the  earth
In heaven now proclaimed

And I know that up in heaven
You’re  not supposed to cry
But I am almost sure
There were tears in your eyes
As Jesus took your hand
And you stood before the Lord
He said, my child  look around you
For great is your reward

CHORUS (repeat)

I am  so glad you gave.



About jennessjohnston78

Hello World my name is Jenness I have been blogging for a couple of years I have used my Embracing blog to help me carry my burdens and to discuss issues that are sometimes very heavy...I am a passionate and very opinionated person I appreciate the outlet that blogging affords me...I am a single mom and have many struggles that I battle in my life but I feel a call on my life to share my blessings and struggles. I pray that the words that I write make there way to people who can be touched by them and that someway, somehow God can use them to have a positive impact. I love writing and though I am not great at it I started the Journal Of The Everyday in an effort to hone my skills and learn new things about myself through writing...I have a pie in the sky idea of someday writing a book...A lofty goal I thank you everyone who joins me on my journey by reading my blogs...I welcome comments and feedback. Here is to embracing the possibilities of everyday life. :)

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