Day 8-Facing The Ugly Truth




imageFor me being messy is shameful…I hate the clutter, I hate when everything doesn’t have a place. My house doesn’t fit my stuff…this may seem pretty innocuous to some but for me I have to face one of the ugly truths in my life…I am lazy, messy and downright appalled at myself as to where my day began…the pictures above are the way I started my day a few days worth of dishes and I had already done a load yesterday, my floors where a mess and the living room was a disaster. I can make excuses and say that my messy muffin daughter (you do not want to see her room!) created the chaos, though partially true I am ultimately responsible for the disaster that ensued in my house in the last few days. I think my need to share my scary mess stems from wanting to reach out and see if I am all alone in this plight. I am horribly sadly messy since having a child…granted I always had a few clothes on the floor in the bedroom or needed to dust but I was organized and fairly neat. What happened to me?!?! The woman who had friends asking if I could organize them can’t even find her power bill in the mess of bills and letters that God only knows where I stacked. Markers, crayons, paper, paper and more paper litter the floor. Toys and books have taken over the table and front room in hurricane fashion and I have to wash dishes sometimes just to cook dinner. I look at the mess and my stress level goes through the roof and some days I just can’t get motivated to face it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME I ABHOR THE MESS AND YET I LET IT SIT!! I can tell you it felt so good to have it cleaned today. I have a Mommy day tomorrow and I wanted to sit in a clean house and not have the stress of the mess so I worked my little (well big) tail off to get it cleaned I even lifted up the stove top and cleaned it out. All the while Peanut by my side saying mom do we have to do that? Why are you doing that? I have a desire to be more tidy and I keep thinking if I had a schedule or something of that nature that things would be easier to keep up on…but then the kid factor comes to mind and I am once again overwhelmed…I can guarantee right now if I was wealthy I would have a house keeper!!! I am exhausted from the everyday fight of single motherhood and I am just plain stressed and tired all the time does anyone have any advice as to how to keep it all in check by myself?? A way to keep the motivation up and to keep my house in the kind of order that I want? For today I am so happy that I have very a clean kitchen and living room and tomorrows kid free evening will be nice and quiet and peaceful. Tomorrow I will do better.

Jenness 🙂






About jennessjohnston78

Hello World my name is Jenness I have been blogging for a couple of years I have used my Embracing blog to help me carry my burdens and to discuss issues that are sometimes very heavy...I am a passionate and very opinionated person I appreciate the outlet that blogging affords me...I am a single mom and have many struggles that I battle in my life but I feel a call on my life to share my blessings and struggles. I pray that the words that I write make there way to people who can be touched by them and that someway, somehow God can use them to have a positive impact. I love writing and though I am not great at it I started the Journal Of The Everyday in an effort to hone my skills and learn new things about myself through writing...I have a pie in the sky idea of someday writing a book...A lofty goal I thank you everyone who joins me on my journey by reading my blogs...I welcome comments and feedback. Here is to embracing the possibilities of everyday life. :)

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